Mask Type Comparison

Surgical masks: 
          - Relatively more effective and trusted since they are used in hospitals 
          - Safer option for the general public when used only once and sealed on face as much as possible 
          - More affordable
          - 99GUARD sells 99% bacterial and particulate filtration masks

N95 masks:
          - Protect against very small (0.3 micron) particles 
          - Must be fitted correctly to be effective 
          - Should be saved for medical professionals 
          - Harder to breathe in when used correctly

Cloth masks:
          - Easy to make, wash, and reuse 
          - Absorbs and traps moisture
          - Blocks less than 3% of particles
          - May not be tightly-woven fabric
          - May not be fitted correctly 

Neoprene masks:
          - Filters dust, pollen, pollution, germs 
          - Washable and reusable 
          - Does not filter viral particles 
          - Meant for wind and heat protection in sports

Dust masks: 
          - Protects against dust, pollution, other larger particles 
          - Flexible paper pad which absorbs and holds moisture 
          - Does not contain filter layer 
          - Does not fit well on face or seal well 
          - Does not protect against chemical exposure or any toxicity