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We supply 99GUARD ASTM Level 2 medical face masks worn by doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. These masks are now available to the general public.  

- ASTM Level 2 Rated Medical Face Masks
- Bacteria Filtration Efficiency Greater Than 99%
- Particulate Filtration Efficiency Greater Than 99%
- 3-Ply / 3 Layer Design: Liquid Resistance Layer, Flame & Filtration Layer, and Soft Inner Layer for comfort.
- One Size Fits Most: These masks were not designed to fully seal against the face. As long as the masks cover from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin, they will provide excellent protection.

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About 99GUARD

We only source and supply ASTM Level 2 Medical Masks. Nothing else. We don't mess around with cheaper quality "general use" masks. After all, why wear a mask when it won't protect you? Our masks have 99%+ Bacterial AND Particulate Filtration Efficiency. Anything less would be unacceptable.